• mabe its time to just give up.
    tring isnt the only way out.
    Talking wont solve this now.
    Mabe it just time to give up.
    They say if you wabt chace it.
    But when the road grows faster then you can run what really can wven be done.
    Lost in time and cursed by space.
    Traped in my head full of waste.
    A void so big it could stop a star.
    Its nothing more than a black whole now.
    Mabe its time i just give up.
    Try something new for once in my life.
    Its not working now and its just nit broke.
    Its time for a chance in the worn out place.
    Its most Deffently time to just give up.
    If i just forget ill be ok.
    Its a scary place the great unknown.
    To face it alone is nature’s plan.
    Its time for me to accept the truth.

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